I. Guarantee conditions

EuropeGAS Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Białystok ul. Hurtowa 13, 15-399 (warranty service address: ul. Hurtowa 13, 15-399 Białystok), hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, ensures good quality and guarantees smooth operation of the equipment covered by these terms and conditions for the period counted from the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer:

  • Guarantee period: 24 months from the date of release of the item, but not longer than 30 months from the date of production – contained in the SN code placed on the body).
  • Components that are defective due to the manufacturer’s fault shall be repaired or replaced with new ones.
  • The guarantee repairs do not cover elements of the reducer damaged due to dirt, worn out elements and elements in which unauthorized persons interfered.